I was doing some research on our teams that have last won state football titles in 4A-6A and came up with this: Coronado and Monterey don’t have a title in their history and Lubbock High’s last title was in the 50’s. Amarillo’s last title was in the 50’s and Estacado beat Refugio in 1968 for their only title. So, I ask, what needs to be done so we can compete? It can’t be that the Metroplex and Centex just have better athletes than us, that excuse just can’t cut it anymore. I mean, Permian won some titles in the 90’s so why can’t we? Here’s my thoughts.

Now, this is from an anonymous coach that has left the 806 and is now coaching in the DFW..

“If you really want to know why the 806 doesn’t get shine. Think about it. Security brings mediocrity. No influx of minority candidates at head spots shows 1. The coaches are more concerned with wins then anything else, and 2. All of the quality assistant coaches and their families are going to metro areas where they are going to get exposure and true competition.”

There’s one thought above. Here is another thought from a former 806 coach below:

So, looking at those critiques, is it the culture? I have no clue since I am not coaching. But we can’t keep saying it’s talent when teams like Sweetwater and Abilene Wylie are getting to the state title games and we’re not. Is it too many schools and too much spread out talent? Think about it; Estacado only has ONE true feeder school and we still think they should be going three and four rounds deep.

One area of concern for the 806, in my opinion, is the training. Our facilities are up to par, but no one is using them enough. The metroplex kids have camps all summer long and those kids are working to get better all the time. Here’s two examples.

Now, if we had camps coming for these kids, not school camps, but camps that are working specific areas for specific positions, we would notice a difference instead of seeing it in the third round and we’re down by 21 already in the playoff games. Small schools always buy in more, and there are less small schools around Texas besides the Big Country and the Panhandle. We have athletes saying, “Don’t sleep on us” but we all are sleep if we’re talking about titles. We have to get better, and want to get better as an entire program or the gap will never close. In my four years of coverage I have noticed these kids are working all year on their craft. Summer is not about going to two or three camps, you have to be at it every weekend! Also, there is a major competition gap. We won’t get better going against each other when those kids are all DI and high DII athletes going against one-another all summer.


This is a hard area to market, compared to the other huge areas in Texas… I talked to Lone Star Prospects and asked him about some disadvantages Lubbock has as far as training goes…Here is his answer..

“I can definitely see the trainers bringing some more attention to the Lubbock area because that could become the West TX training hub if done correctly. I just think the main obstacle is going to always be marketability of the area. DFW/HOU/Cen Tex are all much more accessible than Lubbock or west TX football when it comes to media sources.”

I’ll never forget when an 806 coach told me not to say his team needs defense in my articles when they were averaging giving up over 40+points a game! They lost their Regional round game in the playoffs by 35 points. In the 806, I can see a matchup coming a year away, and from the same team most of the time that knocked you out last year. So how can we get our  teams ready, knowing that same team will be the one your team will have to get by to advance to the Regional Semifinals?

Are we happy with our kids just getting covered locally and getting some recognition for getting to the playoffs,or do we want to become champions? Until we have exhausted every option, we can’t give up. We can’t put in ready-made excuses like location, athlete pools, or anything else of that nature to be ok with not being the best. I’m already saving up money just incase my daughter want’s to be the best because I will send her somewhere every week if I have to so she can be ready when she takes on that type of competition that will be coming in the playoffs.

When I look at teams now, I don’t even really pay attention to undefeated teams until they are in the third round now. I guess I have gotten Metroplexed, in a sense, because until we win some championships we won’t be taken very seriously; by other teams, media, or even by recruiters. Here is Matt Stepp from Texas High School Football when our three 5A teams lost in the third round last year…

West Texas Falls Flat

It was billed as “West Texas vs. DFW” this weekend when 6A/5A programs from West Texas matched up with DFW area powers, with the headliner being the showdown between San Angelo Central and Allen. The weekend went poorly for tradition rich West Texas as San Angelo Central, Abilene, Abilene Cooper, Lubbock Coronado, Lubbock Monterey and Lubbock Cooper all lost with chances at advance to the fourth round. It’s not all bad out west however, as only Aledo’s win over Abilene Cooper was particularly lopsided, so the positive takeaway is West Texas is still behind DFW, but the gap has closed some.

So, to close out my point, all we have is us and we have some great athletes in the 806. But, we have to really take our summer regimens better; not just the weightlifting, but the footwork, the handwork, the agility, and the specific-based skills that need to be on a better level. There are ways to cover better, rush better, block better, read coverages better, and more. We have to be ready  or we will just be a guaranteed win on another team’s schedule in the playoffs in the third round.

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